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Mlab Testing offers a wide range of tests and support

At Mlab Testing we can perform the following tests and support

01.Battery testing

02.EMC testing

03.Functional Safety evaluations

04.Environmental testing, vibration and shock testing

05.Training and guidance for your CE declaration

Your partner in testing

Mlab Testing is a reliable partner for testing lithium batteries, EMC testing and Functional Safety evaluations on the hardware & software of your electronic products and programmable components. Mlab Testing distinguishes itself through its expertise and capability, which has been built through years of experience in the field of certification, standardization, and product development. Mlab Testing places a strong emphasis on customer focus and can assist in navigating an efficient certification process.

We are active in the industrial, maritime, transportation and energy sector.


Environmental, EMC and vibration testing

In addition to testing lithium batteries, Mlab Testing also performs EMC testing, environmental testing and shock- and vibration testing.
This way, Mlab Testing can be even more valuable for product developpers and research institues. Ask us about the possibilities for your products. 

Our scope

Mlab Testing can perform testing and evaluations according the following standards:

Lithium batteries:

  • UN 38.3
  • EN-IEC 62133-2
  • EN-IEC 62619
  • EN-IEC 62620
  • EN 50604-1
  • Maritime environmental tests
  • Electical tests
  • Shock & vibration tests


  • EN-IEC 61000-6-1 
  • EN-IEC 61000-6-2 
  • EN-IEC 61000-6-3
  • EN-IEC 61000-6-4

Functional Safety:

  • EN-ISO 13849-1, EN-IEC 62061, EN-IEC 61508-x
    • Functional safety for Battery Management Systems (BMS) and electronic controls
    • Risk analysis, Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA), Performance Level (PL), Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
  • EN-IEC 60730-1, EN-IEC 60730-2-9, EN-IEC 60335-1, EN-IEC 60335-2-x
    • Electronic controls for household appliances
    • Battery operated appliances (Annex B)
    • Software evaluation (Annex R)
    • Remote communication (Annex U)
    • Flammable refrigerants (e.g. for Tumble dryers)


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